Totally Inappropriate (Totally Awesome): An Indiegogo Campaign

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Paul van Oijen and I’m a freelancer graphic designer based in Maastricht, the Netherlands. For my first solo graphic design project, I have launched a campaign on Indiegogo. The description of the project is this:

Totally Inappropriate (Totally Awesome) is a series of five high quality greeting cards with a cynical, totally (in)appropriate yet totally awesome take on the regular messages. Because let’s face it, those cards you normally receive for whatever occasion are just not cutting it. You spend five bucks on a card that nobody cares about, probably doesn’t even get read and will most likely end up in the trash the next morning. They’re ugly, they’re cheap-looking, they completely lack humor.

They suck.

This series of cards is an attempt to rectify that (although the notion of rectifying the entire card-producing industry should be taken with a grain of salt). Totally Inappropriate (Totally Awesome) cards don’t mess around. It is a set of cards with a simple, minimal design, to direct the attention to what is said, instead of how it looks. They stick it to the man in a totally (in)appropriate way. If these won’t get the attention of whoever you decide to give them to, nothing will. And you should hate them for not caring about your gift.

The project is on currently raising funds @ http://igg.me/at/totallyinappropriate.

I understand that this sounds very much like a sales pitch and it kind of is, but I’d appreciate any form of publicity or if that is not a possibility, any recommendations that you have.

Kind regards,

Paul van Oijen.