ToutvaBien-design_brand identity
ToutvaBien-design_necklace Canopy 1
ToutvaBien-design_necklace Canopy 2
ToutvaBien-design_necklace Canopy 3
ToutvaBien-design_ring Queen of nature
ToutvaBien-design_ring Queen of nature 2
ToutvaBien-design_ring Spout
ToutvaBien-design-by various graphic designers_silk scarves
ToutvaBien-design-by-Hélène Derighetti_silk scarf
ToutvaBien-design_wax casting process for jewels

The brand ToutvaBien-design presents a poetic design inspired by nature where vegetable architectures become refined jewels and scarves which compose a first collection.

Pauline Lequesne, the brand designer appropriates and draws from the flora to create jewels which express the fragility and the graphic character of plants. From taken, molded or reinterpreted natural elements, rings and necklaces show sensitive and delicate qualities of leaves and branchs.
Jewels are made by parisian craftsmen according to the technique of the lost wax casting process which offers a hight precision and confers them a unique character.

ToutvaBien-design invited designers to create poetic landscapes for a scarves collection.
Silk scarves are the grounds of expression of various creators on the theme of branches for four poetic landscapes by :Cécile Cazanova, Les delo (graphic designers), Hélène Derighetti (graphic designer /illustrator) and Amélie Ducommun-painter.
(Scarf Made in France, 100% silk, 70x70cm)