The Family - Courtesy Officinanove
Round Version - Courtesy Officinanove

The hand-milled steel legs are both key structural and decorative elements in this new collection of
tables, as they leave their colored “traces” on the smooth tabletops.
Positioned 10 cm from the corners of the square and rectangular models, the legs break traditional
rules of composition and create an apparently asymmetrical effect.
The five-centimeter thick oak tabletops, specifically designed and contoured so that the legs are
literally grafted into them for perfect stability, are available in three wood tones or a white
lacquer with an open pore finish.
The table legs are available in 190 RAL colors or with a chrome finish.
Size: Rectangular 200×85 e 180×85; Round Ø 150 e Ø 130; Square 150×150 e 130x 30.