pictures by Kurt Stallaert
"tranches de vie" by sofie lachaert et luc d'hanis
"Vanitas Candelabra": Candelabra, books, silver. "Crossed legs, two in one, one for two" : Bronze chair. picture by Jean Godecharle
"Bacteria tiles" : Laminated porcelain, made in collaboration with Lea Ceramiche. "Bacteria kimono" : Woven fabric with motif, made in collaboration with Verilin. "Bacteria bath towels" : Textile, made in collaboration with Verilin. Bacteria. "Hand basin" : Enamelled ceramic, made in collaboration with Frans Ottink. picture by Jean Godecharle
"Tempus edam rerum" (time is the devourer of all things) : Wooden table. "Tout a une fin, sauf la saucisse qui en a deux" : Coloured cement tiles made in collaboration with De Tegel BV. picture by Jean Godecharle
"Carbonium" : writing object in graphite. "Carbonium wallpaper" : Hand-drawn wallpaper. "Drawing book" : Paper. "Glacier" : Stone candlestick. " Trestle table". Table made of 6850 pieces of oak. picture by Jean Godecharle
"Precious step stool" : Painted step stool incrusted with precious stones. "Weeping palettes" :palette, paint, 18 carat gold. "Painters palette" : Hand-tufted wool and silk rug, mad in collaboration with Vera Vermeersch. picture by Jean Godecharle
"Changed values" : candelabra, precious and non-precious coins. "Silver-plated purse". "Money’s worth" : Bed linen.Woven fabric, made in collaboration with Verilin. picture by Jean Godecharle
"Crossed legs,two in one,one for two" : Wooden chair. "Pas de deux" : Wooden chair. "Almost red" : Silk rug made in collaboration with NODUS. picture by Jean Godecharle
"Ephemeral wardrobe" : Wood. "Ephemeral vase" : 3 suspended porcelain vases, made in collaboration with Frans Ottink. "Ephemeral chair" : wooden chairs. picture by Jean Godecharle

With ‘Tranches de vie’ we bring ‘the environment’, the site of Hornu into the Grand-Hornu Images museum, a complete street with houses, a scenography as a ‘work’ on itself.
Every house, every room has its own identity, each work in a unique environment, in a specific context.
Windows and doors open onto scenes from life.

With subtle interventions everyday objects are enriched with several layers of meaning.
Meanings and functions are shifted, senses are stimulated, unexpected beauty revealed.

We cordially invite you to take you into our world of wonder, reflection, stillness and poetic experience.

For artist duo, Sofie Lachaert and Luc d’Hanis, life and work are inextricably intertwined. They have been collaborating now for over 20 years on an intriguing oeuvre involving objects, furniture and situation-oriented installations whereby the boundaries between applied art, craft and design are both questioned and crossed. Each project is a joint project, each work the result of the symbiosis between these two designers.
With subtle interventions, mundane objects are enhanced with a new experience and a layer of meanings. Often conceptual, often with reference to fine art, each work can be interpreted at various depths, and can be viewed and scrutinised with various gazes. Meanings and functions are displaced, the senses are stimulated, unexpected beauty is exposed. With their work, ‘slld’ bring captivating moments of wonder, reflection and poetic experience into everyday life.
This is also true in ‘Tranches de Vie’.