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Travelling Coat Rack by Rainville-Sangaré

Light in appearance but sturdy in construction, this travelling coat rack was designed to be a knockdown, practical and cost effective booth accessory for the trade show season.

Travelling in multiple fashion fairs in Europe and North America, the rack had to fit in a airshipping crate. Assembly is quick and easy with two tools. With the help Wedge’s new vision for the brand, we established that oak was coherent with the warm and soft palette of the identity. The upwards part is designed to be as slim as possible for visual consideration when the racks are placed side by side to create an almost uninterupted line, framing the coats in the space. The hooks are positioned from the top and can be slid for the desired presentation.

Industrial design: Rainville Sangare

Client: Quartz Co.

Creative direction: Wedge

Photos: Matthew Brooks

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