folded view
folded outdoor
compact pocker size
in action
open outdoors

trea is a compact alcohol powerd stove ,
the idea was born from the need to create an elegant and simple object that will provide answers for the new “urban outdoors” needs such as romantic date at the city coastline or a panoramic view from a rooftop . (Of course its great for traditional camping ass well 🙂 ) .
the design is based on the all familiar 3 logs fire.
The construction that born when the stove is open gives us extra strong 3 point grip with the surface and 3 point with the cocking\heating object .
Another challenge was to create a foldable and compact object that will not be clumsy and open with a minimal single movement .
trea is also a new approach for a outdoor stove , because it became a desire object it designed not only for maximum practical use also to give us new user experience
it made of poles of stainless steel processed with Milling router and milling cutter
filled with soaking material and stainless steel wire net