Treviso is a set of hangers designed by Nutcreatives for Made Design.

It is composed by five irregular pieces coming out from a beech wood block. It is a pure idea and it reaches simplicity of design.

The project is born with the aim of generating more human and custom spaces. That is the reason of using warm materials such as wood and different colours lacquered on it.

Many different ways of assembling are allowed. You can use it as a single unit or combined in a sequence of more elements. By having more than one set, a big mural can be configured on the wall. Due to its versatility it fits in many places such as homes, hotels rooms or restaurants halls.

Treviso is totally produced in a radius of 35 km, promoting proximity economies. It is easy to assembly and disassembly, made with fine materials, becoming an item with lasting value over time. Both product and package are designed in order to be well distributed and stored.

This is one of the items you may find at Nutcreatives’ online shop. With this initiative, the design studio pretends to be closer to the final user.