Tri - Tube collection
it is stackable
blue powder coated
black powder coated
orange powder coated
it can be used both indoor and outdoor
seating detail
backrest detail
back view
triangle shape aluminium extrusion

Triangle is considered the strongest shape.
At the same strength, triangular tube uses less material compared to rectangular tube.
Even so, triangular tube is not available in the market as a standard profile
because it is difficult to work with angles but for us, as designers, we found it challenging.
The main structure of the TRI-Tube chair is made of triangle aluminium
extrusion profile. It is lightweight, stackable, and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Producer : KUN by Kunakij
Materials : Powder coated alumimium
Dimension : 540 x 520 x H780 mm
Colour : White,Black, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Grey