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Tria TV shelving by Irena Übler

Tria is a shelving system for TV supports – designed by Irena Ubler for Seri Stylu – a company based in the North of Portugal, dedicated to the production of audiovisual equipment for your home and for the professional sector like hotels, public spaces like meeting rooms or exhibitions.

The idea of this design was to develop an “add-on” shelving system for an already existing TV stand Disco R5 BI. Tria is a metal racks giving the client the possibility to keep the TV area organised and store manuals or tv programme. My goal was to provide a storage nourishing the sights of aesthetics and accomplish a minimal design balance by the conjugation of colours and shapes. Nonetheless keep in mind the funcional and flexible use by giving the consumer the option to move the elements and find their perfect position and choosing to close and open up the shelving respective their utility.

Photos: Alvaro Martino

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