The Tribeca Collection Banqueting Chandelier

This new model’s bigger brother, The Industrial Collection Banqueting Chandelier, was introduced in 2008 and quickly became the most popular of all Michael McHale Designs modern steel pipe chandeliers. It has been featured in New York’s Fashion Week, pictured in The New York Times, and made its way to the homes of tastemakers on both coasts.

But the Industrial Collection Banqueting Chandelier costs thousands of dollars, and therefore is available only to a small percentage of the many people who lust after it.

Hence, the Tribeca Collection Banqueting Chandelier. The Tribeca version of the piece recapitulates the same basic industrial chic lighting design, but, with a smaller pipe gauge, recessed sockets, and a 27? length, the Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier is sized right for most rooms and delivers all the glamor for only $775 – less than a quarter of the price of it’s more famous older brother.

Dimensions: 27? length: 9.5?width weight: 8lbs

Materials: Black steel, galvanized steel cable, optically pure leaded crystal.

The Tribeca Collection Banqueting Chandelier will make its public debut at 2012 The Architectural Digest Show in March.