Stool Trio – Simplicity, Ecology, Functionality

Stool Trio is simple, everyday but unique. It is a must have for every household or garden. It is easy to place in any space, whatever the layout design. This type of furniture is always a challenge for designer whose aim is to reinvent traditional form and design.

Oak stool TRIO, designed by Marcin Laskowski from Studio Melounge, is an interesting example of finding the connection between classic shape and material and modern design. TRIO Stool is composed from trianglular elements which allow using natural imperfections of the wood. The hole in the middle of the stool is also triangular, which allows easier carrying of the stool. Rounded edges draw attention to the geometrical shape of the stool.

Integral to the character of the stool TRIO is its ecological and is made of 100% biodegradable material – oak. Thanks to which, stool Trio is scratch and damage resistant and a durable piece of furniture. Oak reacts to environmental changes, which adds a character to it looks and appearance.