The TRMTAB Woven Macbook Sleeve
The TRMTAB Chevron iPad Mini Sleeve
The TRMTAB Chevron Macbook Sleeve
The TRMTAB iPhone Sleeve
The TRMTAB Collection
The TRMTAB Woven iPad Mini Sleeve
The TRMTAB Founders, Mansi & Cassandra

TRMTAB is serious in two ways: style and sustainability. TRMTAB creates cleverly designed, upcycled, refined leather tech sleeves. Our collections are limited edition because we utilize leather scraps generated from a factory’s production cycles. The leather scraps are trims that are stitched and woven to create a unique blend of color shades, textures and grains giving each product within the collection its own personality. A tech device fits snuggly into the sleeves that have a tab to easily pull out your phone, tablet, or laptop.

But TRMTAB is more than just a product. It is about making small changes that have a big impact. Having created a successful upcycling model in one factory setting is powerful, because it can be adopted by the larger manufacturing system. With scale, suddenly, this small effort has the potential to be disruptive. Founders and recent SVA Products of Design graduates, Cassandra Michel and Mansi Gupta, were inspired by the words of systems theorist, Buckminster Fuller who famously said “Call me trimtab,” referring to how the small individual can create big change.

TRMTAB just launched on Kickstarter: ks.trmtab.com. The campaign will run for 28 days as TRMTAB aims to fund the first run of their collection with an initial goal of $25,000. Backers can get woven or chevron stitched sleeves, available for iPhones, iPads, Kindle, and Macbooks.