Bob, a sliding board-tractor The big toy-tractor is made by combining a sliding board.  Let’s step to the paper tube stairs and slide vigorously. The paper tube-tire has a big hole which is a tunnel, which kids can enjoy sliding and getting through the sliding board.
Rolly, toy-cultivator This is a ride-on toy, shaped cultivator for kids. Let’s cultivate your house with a reinforced corrugated fibreboard wheel to clatter.
Peter, rocking horse This is a rocking horse shaped bird, it’s  a shaking bird. Children have fun with it.
Robert, a desk This is a desk shaped truck for kids. You can study to sit on the load-carrying tray. But be careful! This toy-truck doesn’t work.
Merry, animal-chair This is a chair silhouette of the animal. This is a sturdy chair ,okay for adults to sit.
Lincoln, shelf This is a shelf in the shape of  a horse. You can put picture books, DVDs, so on . But don’t ride it, even it’s like a horse.
Morley, shelf This is a shelf shaped a tree. You can put a lot of stuff such as  picture books. You put a lot of picture books, then this shelf could be a picture book forest.
Prairie, hut for kids This hut has a post, and you can put away  picture books on a loof. There is a small hole for imaginary creature , TSUCHINOKO ,to come into the hut. When you open the window, you can enjoy playing shopkeeper.
Rocky, a staghead-hunger The staghead-hunger is on the wall. You can hang your cap, clothes on it.
Nyokki, a partition This is a partition between a place to play for some kids. This fence makes kid’s own world. It is wonder.

Today, our company announced new children’s goods?on the theme of the farm village scenery , we manufactured the playground equipment and the interior article with which children are exciting , by ecology reinforced corrugated fibreboard?
A new brand name is the TSUCHINOCO. It is a living thing which is likely to be in familiar somewhere , such as a natural woodland and a rice field. But the “living thing” that nobody has seen , has breathed in the world of children’s never-ending story.
?…TSUCHINOCO is a living thing similar to a snake with the thick body, and is a Japanese unidentified mysterious animal (UMA).

New children’s goods were manufactured by Japanese NIHON LOGIPACK Co.,Ltd. which makes a physical distribution and packing the main business collaborated to our Japanese design director , Masahiro Minami Design, and these were made from the material in strengthening corrugated fibreboard for the tough, lightweight, and ecology material.

This brand named the TSUCHINOCO , is carried out the theme ,“the farm village scenery that the unidentified mysterious animal , TSUCHINOCO is likely to live”.It is also the surrounding scenery of our head office. TSUCHINOCO is a living thing that nobody has seen until now. We think that children will play with the feeling whose heart throbbed , excitedly and the feeling which found TSUCHINOCO for the first time.
When it finishes using many of toys for children required in the short term, most of?them are plastic goods which becomes garbage. Then , it thought that we would like to begin the children’s goods of an ecology material which can recycle and return to the ground soon from this brand.