MOON front view
MOON side view
MOON side view
MOON - used as a bottle cooler
Close up of the MOON
MOON - used as a vase
The entrance of the workshop of Gyokusendo in Niigata
A 'tsuiki' master at work
The unique colour is obtained by soaking the copper in a natural chemical liquid
MOON at its home, Gyokusendo's workshop in Niigata

MOON is a collaborative project between Junji Tanigawa, the chief designer of JTQ Inc. and Gyokusando, a traditional copperware workshop which is identified as a national cultural property by the Japanese government.
Contemporary in form but traditional in its production process, this hand crafted art piece took its inspiration form the moon’s transformation from full moon to half-moon to new moon; as a an element of nature that looks the same from every part of the world.
Gyokusendo is the only workshop that practices the ‘Tsuiki’ technique of hand-hammered copper ware today since 1816. The robust yet beautiful decoration applied to the copper is unique to Gyokusendo and cannot be found anywhere in the world outside of Tsubame-Sanjo.
The collaboration between Gyokusendo and JTQ Inc, a Tokyo based spatial design company created a work of art that offers an entirely new perspective. The MOON is set for release this September with a limited run of 100.