Dominus for Pebble
ttmmchart for Pebble
9ttmm for Pebble
4ttmm for Pebble
ttmmgrid for Pebble

ttmm (dominus, ttmmchart, ninettmm, forttmm, ttmmgrid) are a series of clock applications specially designed for modern smartwatches with black and white 144×168 pixel screens like Pebble and Kreyos. The apps are original, simple and aesthetic in design. Because they are made of pure energy (they are more like ghosts than real things) they have a low cost of production, distribution and storing thuus making the ttmm apps the most ecological ever to have existed.

dominus – three groups of dots, representing hours, tens of minutes and minutes and with a horizontal line for seconds. The time of day can be gathered from the small dot position (left for AM and right for PM). Dot combinations mimic those of a traditional clock.

ttmmchart – looks like it’s come from a world of shreadsheets. Hours and minutes are shown in bar

ninettmm – hours are shown by big numbers, minutes are in 6 groups of 9 dots, each dot representing a single minute. After 10 minutes the group transforms into one square. When 30 minutes pass a long rectangle appears.

forttmm – each hour is represented by four square quarters. A quarter flashing slowly represents 5-minute section, when blinking fast it shows 10 minutes passed. Lit up square quarters mark 15-minute sections. Four squares together count for one hour. The small square on the left represents AM time, the square on the right stands for PM.

ttmmgrid – each hour is represented by the position and size of a multilpled square figure. Minutes are in the middle of that grid.

Idea & Design: Albert Salamon
Programming: Micha? ?yli?ski