This year’s RecyclingDesignprize has been awarded to Tuba Design. With their series „Comeback“ of enamelled used cutlery the Munich-based design duo won the race against the international competition. Design-aficionados now have the opportunity to order the charming cutlery directly from the producers.

“From old to new” – sounds banal, but recycling design is still one of the most demanding and creative challenges for designers. Emmy Galle and Bruno Winter of Tuba Design managed to implement this motto with very simple means. Their cutlery series won 1st place at the 7th RecyclingDesignprize 2015. More than 500 designers from all over the world contributed to the competition that aims to promote sustainable design.

Stylish, social, sustainable: Design for the home. (Bildunterschrift)

Tuba Design enamels old, worn-out cutlery and thus turns it into desirable design objects. The monochrome enamel unifies the abandoned pieces of cutlery deriving from different series, ages and countries: Art Nouveau meets Lufthansa cutlery, turn-of-the-century silverware lies side by side with industrial stainless steel. However, no piece of cutlery loses its unique appeal.

The durable and scratchproof enamel – as we know it from grandmothers’ pots – is food-safe, easy-care, dishwasher-safe and completely recyclable with other discarded metal.

Not only the environment but also the social responsibility is important to the two designers: All production, from the organization of estate liquidations to the baking of the enamel can be done at workshops in shelters for underprivileged people. “The people there experience social inclusion, regularity, belonging and a second chance. Just like our orphaned enamelled pieces of cutlery.”, designer Emmy Gale describes the social value of the project.

The cutlery series is currently on display at the Marta Herford Museum until 1 November 2015. From 13 November until 13 March 2016 it is part of the travelling exhibition “Transformations” of the Museum der Dinge Berlin at the Rauch Museum Freudenberg. The cutlery series are available through the designers’ web shop: http://tubadesign.com.

About Tuba Design:

In 2010 Emmy Galle and Bruno Winter set up their studio Tuba Design in Munich. Before, both of them worked as freelance and employed designers in various cities. Their focus lies on product and interior design with a sustainable edge. The design duo accompanies its clients through the whole design process until the realisation. Of special importance to the designers is the development of products and solutions that have a positive effect on people and the environment; true to their motto: “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.“

Photos: Vivi D’Angelo


1_Enamelled used cutlery by Tuba © Vivi D'Angelo

2_Enamelled used cutlery by Tuba © Vivi D'Angelo

3_Enamelled used cutlery by Tuba © Vivi D'Angelo

4_Enamelled used cutlery by Tuba © Vivi D'Angelo

5_Enamelled used cutlery by Tuba © Vivi D'Angelo

6_Enamelled used cutlery by Tuba © Tuba

7_Enamelled used cutlery by Tuba © Vivi D'Angelo