The project started out by concluding that we are increasingly stressed in our daily life. Time is passing us by while we are trying to grasp the moment. Working with the scarcity of time felt as a necessity.

Working with the psychology of time I did not want to slow down the actual time however our perception of time. The problem was that in many cases our perception of slow motion in relation to the time was negative; such as waiting and being bored.

However there were positive elements of slow motion in time, such as sitting in a rocking chair and letting time pass by, where the body and mind were integrated. Integrating body and mind was crucial because if your mind could be tricked into a slow motion perception then the touch onto your body would make it feel real.

It is proven that we experience time as slower when our body temperature is high, for example during hot days when moving feels like swimming through syrup, the daily routines have to be done slower.

Since a fan can give a relief while waiting to cool down, the blades in the fan are perceived as moving slowly while the cool wind is blowing onto your body. Thus intensifying the perception of slow-motion, however imbedding your heated body into the wind and making the waiting worthwhile.

The height of the fan is lowered so the effect can be perceived from a sitting position, which also suggest to the fact of slowing down and taking a break. The design of the fan was inspired of the dorade ventilators found on ships, since the vessels are symbolic to travel slowly. If it is through time or refreshing oceans.