Tubelights is a series of 3 different lights which are produced using rotational laser cutting.

The pieces are cut out of solid steel tubes and work both in architectinal as well as domestic or commercial environments.

The pattern cut by the laser generates fades of light intensity to create direct and indirect light at once.

The solid character of the steel tube gets dispersed by the perforations transforming it into non-physic light.


TUBELIGHTS is a series of three lights

TL1, TL2 & TL3 (clockwise from left)

the source of light is a high power led strip with 12v

the task light TL2 can be shifted freely

the perforation pattern creates  fades to the light intensity
the TL1 can easily be removed from above your working surface or dining table and moved  anywhere needed supplied by the magnetic TL plug

TL3 also works hanging or standing like the TL1