Under the two.parts label, Christo Logan has launched a series of twelve 3D printed ceramic pendants with hidden LEDs. Each fixture’s ceramic body is illuminated as if by an invisible light bulb, inverting its visual perception as the interior surfaces act as the light source.

Age Old Techniques + New Age Technologies
For 20,000 years, ceramic has been used for its strength, plasticity, heat resistance, sustainability and material warmth. More recently, computer modeling and digital fabrication have enabled the unprecedented realization of complex hollow structures. Incorporating the capabilities of each, two.parts fixtures feature internal details that conceal elements such as light sources, wiring, and custom connection hardware. After glazing and firing, the perfectly smooth and clean forms show no hint of their computerized origins.

The end result is a series of pure ceramic geometries that enigmatically illuminate both themselves and their environment without discernible aid from a light source.

two.parts fixtures are designed and assembled in New York with parts from Belgium, Sweden, Japan, China and the United States.

two.parts will be exhibiting at ICFF 2016 at booth 1486.


two.parts/angel - Like a halo hat rack

two.parts/angel in on and off states

two.parts/crosshairs - Like targeted light beams

two.parts/crosshairs in on and off states

two.parts/fuchsia - Like a flower with effulgent pollen

two.parts/fuchsia in on and off states

two.parts/geode - Like crystallized reflections

two.parts/geode in on and off states

two.parts/orbit - Like an exothermic barycenter

two.parts/phase in on and off states