We’ve reinvented the typewriter.

At Kasbah Mod, we’re looking forward, not backward. We’ve designed the original couture typewriter . . . not that kitschy relic in your grandmother’s barn-wood antique shop. Built of the original in-obsolete technology, unchanged since its inception in 1873, and featuring retro-futuristic design modifications like Artist-inspired one-of-a-kind works and 24 Kt Gold-plated machines, typewriters by Kasbah Mod are about innovation, not just restoration.


Golden Calf. Golden Typewriter.

We wanted to create the typewriter for the man or woman who has everything but wants more. With exquisite 24 Kt Gold-Plating, and the original glass-topped keys, the DOUBLE-OH-SEVEN, a reinvented 1940’s Smith Corona 4 Series, marks that decadent axis where Bond-author Ian Flemming meets Peter Gronquist’s gallery-ready Vercase-branded AK-47. We wanted to create the typewriter that looks even better on a G5 Jet while you sip cognac; by a fireplace, atop a zebra hide rug.


The Silver Ghost.

Barbarella meets Charles and Ray Eames-cool with The GHOST, a reinvented 1950’s Smith Corona 5 Series, masterfully finished in hypnotic Chrome-Plating. Designed to absorb and reflect its surroundings, this mesmerizing typewriter features a minimalist silhouette, original bakelite keys from the 1950’s, and a chameleon like adaptability.


Form, meet function.

Gallery quality and gallery-born, The ARTIST SERIES by Kasbah Mod features signed, numbered, one-of-a-kind works of art inspired by artists like Mondrian, Basquiat, Murakami, Banksy and Miro. A collaboration between Kasbah Mod and New York-based artist, Luis “Zimad” Lamboy, the ARTIST SERIES rediscovers the relationship between art and object, creating new interpretations of classically modern work with an entirely new medium.

With the forthcoming X-Mas Season seemingly moments away, pre-orders for Kasbah Mod Typewriters are being feverishly made. More photography and information can be found atkasbahmod.com, or by reaching out directly via telephone at (347) 457.6025 / via email atchasesgilbert@gmail.com.

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