Another view
A detail
The two modules could be used as rugs
Stuff Ufo and use it as a seat
Stuff it with whatever you want
Ufo module, used as a mat

Ufo is a multifunctional piece of furniture. It is composed by two triangular felt modules. Both modules have stitched along their entire perimeter one half of a divisible double slider zipper, which allows the union of the two perimeters and thereby the creation of a three-dimensional space, according to the logic of the d-forms. Ufo is a game of construction and deconstruction of form, a structure that transforms itselfs. Due to its peculiarity of being enigmatic, it inspires curiosity in those who observe it. Ufo is a product deliberately open to interpretation of the user, which is guided by a set of guidelines regarding the use, but at the same time is warned about the possibility of applying the potential of the product in a personal way, depending on his needs.