This has been a project in the making for over 2 years, now with a working prototype that we feel is just about ready to start moving into the manufacturing stage but we need your help to get there.

The goal was to create the best possible solution to hold a smartphone in a vehicle. It had to be very stylish in design to match todays smartphones and the interior of a car, be of a high quality build, accommodate as many different smartphones on the market as possible (mainly with the iPhone in mind to be used with or without a case) and it also had to be very easy and simple to use.

With a goal to create the world’s finest, the bar had to be raised to create a universal as possible but very stylish and most importantly amazingly functional smartphone holder.


The most exciting feature about ‘Ultima’ is it’s intuitive holding mechanism. To open you press and hold the release button then place your phone in the holder and press in the sides till desired hold. Once you press in the holder it cannot be pushed backwards until the release button has been pressed, even if you use force it will not move backwards!

It also does not have measured increments when sliding, basically the more or less you press is dependent on exactly how much you press, giving ‘Ultima’ the most accurate hold to be found on any universal holder out there!

This technology also eliminates the need for any other accessory needed to mount your phone, so no need for little magnets to stick on the back of your phone, or a certain case to use just to mount your phone. I believe people want more choice, choice to change their case, or even there phone but still be able to use the same holder and not be limited.