Hi, for over a year I have been developing a brand new Universal Smartphone holder for your car called ‘Ultima’ we believe it to be the finest in the world as we wanted to produce the best on the market as I believe the what is out there just doesn’t cut it. You are actually the very first people outside of my own design team who are hearing about the project and seeing renderings for the first time. I currently do not have a website up and running or Facebook or Twitter, they are all being developed but as I will be releasing this product as a Kickstarter page first within the next few weeks I thought i’d see what kind of interest i’d get from guys such as yourself first.

Key features of the holder are a mostly Aluminum material design for that high end feel and look which from what I know hasn’t really been done all that much if at all for a holder specifically for your car.

It incorporates a locking lever to secure the suction cup that cannot be turned any further than a certain point to reduce overlocking and stretching of the suction cup plastic which I have found on other holders or the lock eventually doesn’t lock anymore. The suction cup is also larger than most to accommodate extra weight of all types of phones.

You can also rotate your phone with ease to landscape or portrait.

The last main feature of this holder is the clamping mechanism to hold as many different types of phones as possible with or without a case. The more you press in with your fingers the tighter your grip on the phone. Now unlike many other holders on the market, when pressing in you are moving incrementally, not with jaw type plastic that you only get to decrease by specific allocated measurements which can be a little hit or miss depending on which phone you are trying to hold. This also gives a very very smooth and silent action rather than being clunky and noisier adding to the quality of the product.

I currently have 2 working prototypes in silver and black colours but we are refining the smaller internal parts just to get things right. So as I mentioned I will be kicking things off with a kick-starter campaign by the end of the month to help promote and raise the funds to bring this great product to market.

It is by far the best phone holder I have ever seen and used that is specifically for your car, it can also be used on a glass desk but the arm has been angled specifically to fit all angles vehicle windscreens as much as possible.

Again you are the first to know about this product so I will await to hear back from you before I start promoting with other websites and blogs.

I am very excited to finally to show this to the world so I hope you share my excitement as I believe we can all now hold our beloved and expensive smartphones in the car the way we are meant to, with style.