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Staged photography with photographer Stephanie Wiegner

Uncanny Valley

Staged Jewelry & Photography by Hyunjung Cho and Stephanie Wiegner

Uncanny Valley is a term in Robot Science describing a sudden dip in
people’s preference graph when a robot reaches an awkward resemblance
to humans on the way to perfect likeness. Universally, any image
of the human body not suggested by society is uncanny.
In this project, Hyunjung Cho has made brooches that have an uncanny
resemblance to the bare body. She stages the uneasy confrontation of
exposing the natural body on top of the cultural body.
The idea is realized by a series of photographs by Stephanie Wiegner
which depict light-minded interactions. The space is fitted out with contemplative
ambiance from the wearer’s gentle gaze.
Cho Hyunjung is a jewelry artist who is currently interested in the theatrical
aspect of jewelry. Stephanie Wiegner is a photographer who likes to
explore the possibilities of staged photography. Both of them are
intrigued by the narrative aspects of their respective disciplines.
They live and work in Stockholm after graduating from Konstfack University
of Arts, Crafts and Design
with MFAs in Jewelry Art and Storytelling in 2011.
more information of this project is available at – http://j0o0lry.com/Uncanny-valley