The concept of an organic product design is something that isn’t really focused on in the mainstream furniture industry.
Combining living and sleeping areas is one of those things that just makes sense: you don’t need a bed when you’re awake, and you don’t need living space when you’re asleep.
This transforming sofa design give all other products a serious run for their money because it’s changing minds and letting consumers know they can have more with less.

More with Less.

Making the most of what space is available is key to staying as ergonomically suited to your space as possible.
As living space decreases in size, multipurpose furniture becomes more valuable.
When it comes to living in studio appartments, for many people, multifunctional pieces are the perfect condo furniture or condo sofa options.

“undo.redo Multifunction SOFA” folds in 4 different shapes allowing the user to sleep, relax while reading a book, work and socialize.