The Unmonday 4.3 Litre is a high-end, dolby surround expandable, ceramic, active airplay speaker.
No wires, no hassle, no cheap plastic parts.

It’s expandable – You can build a Dolby Surround sound system anywhere you go by taking five hexagonal speakers with you. For listening to music, just having one is enough. In fact, you may have any configuration with a total of up to 5 speakers, and the sound quality will always be amazing.

It’s portable – With 10 hours of battery life and a contemporary leather case, portable speakers have never been this stylish or powerful. The Unmonday 4.3 is hefty, but so is the sound. A low-end home cinema system doesn’t even compare against one of these.

It’s made from quality materials – Unmonday speakers will be made by professional craftsmen from the very best materials. No cheap plastic visible. The patented hexagonal ceramic housing provides a superlative soundboard for the Alpair 10 full range driver.

It’s upgradeable – The porcelain housing is bulit to last a lifetime. The inside parts can be changed afterwards by opening six screws, or repaired if they get damaged.

Right now, the Unmonday 4.3L is raising funds on Kickstarter, but the first batch is set to hit selected retail before next summer.

If you’re interested to hear more from Unmonday, please email to info@unmonday.com