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UOOK- The Side Table by Build Republic for Salone Satellite 2014

UOOK living room

The idea of multi-functionality is probably one of the first things that come into mind when dealing with tight spaces. Especially in Hong Kong, a place easily regarded as one of the most densely populated cities in the world with typical apartment floor plans consisting of less than 500 sq. ft. Add in an average family size of 4 and space becomes a luxury. Utilizing it in the best way possible is a necessity and always a challenge in finding the right balance between staying comfortable and staying organized. “?” (pronounced as ‘yook’) is a spoken Cantonese dialect that translates to ‘move’

With that in mind, Uook ideas derived from making small changes, gaining bigger possibilities. The Uook side table was designed to easily adapt to different situations around the house when needed.

Stackable in two different ways means two or more pieces gives users the opportunity of having shelving units for display without the bulk. Or stack them up the usual way and you have stools ready as additional seating for guests that can be then stored as a one once the event is over. But of course, individuals can always opt for one, which creates a sweet little side table.

As one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities, the Uook side table idealizes on what Hong Kong design could be and its evolvement from the more familiar traditional Chinese aesthetics. With the convenience of Hong Kong’s location, pieces were fabricated in China, using beech wood, a non-endangered species and later finished with black open lacquer, leaving the wood’s natural beauty exposed.

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