Ups! in context
Ups! overview and closeup
Ups! detail of structure
The diffusion pattern resulting from the assimetrical structure
Ups! light refletion on surrounding walls
Ups! variant: cylindrical shade

EXCLUSIVE FOR MOCOLOCO: this project will be made non-exclusive as of 16-09-2013.

Ups! is a product that was born out of a (fortunate) accident at he studio.

At a first glance, Ups! might look like an ordinary floor lamp, but a closer look will reveal what is actually a humorous piece of lighting.

Ups! preserves in it’s structure the evidence of the action that is in the root of it’s conception: the (at first accidental) perfuration of the shade.

The caracterist structure is also translated in the light diffusion: beeing assimetrical, you can rotate Ups! in order to have diferent patterns of light in the surrounding space.