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MYC-Dream Console, poster
MYC-Dream Console, King's Cross, London 2013
MYC-Dream Console, King's Cross, London 2013
MYC-Dream Console, Shoreditch, London 2013
first edition
Urban Remix Booth - function

Urban Remix by Alexander Schnell Sramek

A platform for musicians to expose unreleased tracks to discerning music lovers, in a unique and contemporary way.

Musicians, wary of the ubiquitous, shallow music making that digital media can foster, are in search of a way to reach their audience on a deeper level. Urban Remix empowers them, through collaboration with designers, to express their music in an original way by mixing visuals and sound within the physical environment of the ‘music booth’. These ‘music booths’ will pop up in carefully chosen city sites with the location and interiors varying to create a unique experience specific to each artist in the programme.

Urban Remix differs from a live show, creating an opportunity for musicians to perform their music without being physically present and giving young people a way to engage with their work on a whole new level.

In collaboration with the electronics company SONOS (link to: www.sonos.com) the first edition of Urban Remix featuring the band Moscow Youth Cult (M.Y.C.) (link to: http://www.moscowyouthcult.co.uk/)
and their unreleased song Dream Console has been displayed on various locations throughout London during 2013. However Urban Remix will keep evolving and the team is always looking for musicians and artists willing to take part in future editions.

If you want to get involved in the project or for any enquires, visit the website and – www.urban-remix.com (link to: http://urban-remix.com/)

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Jon Dix, Daniel O’Donnell-Smith, Dimo Mezekliev, Alexander Augustus, Anel Temirkhanova, Felipe Palacio, Rui Pereira,
Robert Ruben, Kevin Yeo



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