We just wanted to share with you a very special clock we’re kickstarting right now: USMA. Probably could be interesting for your readers.
Hope you like it

Some brief release notes:

USMA – A the clock without a visual interface.

USMA is a clock which resorts only to the sound of church bells, bringing home the rural, and, peaceful relation with time.


A couple of years back we went to spend a weekend in Vila Soeiro do Chão that seemed more like time travelling for us. The small village by the deep Portuguese Northern countryside has about 180 inhabitants – less than most of people’s facebook friends. Besides the 180 welcoming inhabitants there was a church, and the church clock, which actually set the village rhythm. A very peaceful and distressful one. Back to the big cities where we have our offices such as Lisbon (Portugal), São Paulo (Brasil), Istanbul (Turkey) and Brussels (Belgium), we all felt we were missing this peaceful rhythm in our daily routines, and that’s how and why we decided to create USMA. So, we could actually ignore all visual time setting devices and let the countryside feeling rule our lives.