V Speaker

Project submission:
V Speaker by Oliver Staiano

V speaker, the free-standing wireless unit delivers impeccable audio to your living room. The speaker offers itself in a multiple of functions featuring wireless device connectivity, high end audio and a wireless charge bay. Presenting Envelope Sound, the V Speaker has been specifically designed to surround you with your music.
When you listen or whilst you don’t, the dynamic surface opens itself up to your imagination, whether its wireless charge, place for your pocket contents or home to your Bonsai.
The speaker enclosure benefits from use of the advanced composite material Corian. Using its dense structural properties it enhances fluidity and strength of sound. The product is finished with inimitable selection of materials and attention to detail.

About the Project
Whilst looking at the current array of modern speaker design an opportunity was sought to investigate sound quality whilst pursuing a new angle for design approach.
The V speaker looks for a different perspective in its function and form through influences in other areas of design, attempting to push through the notion of the modern day speaker’s function in the home whilst maintaining high end audio quality.

These ideas had been addressed using multi functionality, positive ambiguity, sound enhancing internal geometry and high quality material finishes.

Corian, Glacier White
100% Wool Felt covering
Ash wood legs

V speaker by undergraduate designer Oliver Staiano, based in London/Nottingham.