Valkyrie Wing RIng V.II
Black Valkyrie VII in black worn with the Double Claw Ring
Valkyrie Ring flipped up into blade position.
Black Valkyrie VII in black
Valkyrie Wing RIng V.II

Sweeping razor-edge wing ring. Finding inspiration from his clients, all “self-made women with tough dispositions, wise and with the ability to go toe-toe with any man out there”, Duncan tried to embody this fierce spirit in his new collection of urban armor. As he describes it, “It’s about armour, flight and the strength present in all of us. The imagery of birds and flight has long been a symbol of the struggle of man’s ascension to a higher reality. I wanted to explore this theme of flight, through the winged-helms, armour and the fierce nature of the Valkyrie.”

Using savage razor-sharp edges, highly finished and geometric pieces, he creates freedom through exquisite futuristic wing motifs, layered neck pieces, banded metal rings, delicate pendants, bangles, pins and shirt collar chains all the while maintaining a sleek minimalistic aesthetic that is quietly evocative.

Although mostly unisex, he has included in this story, a small line specifically for men too. All pieces are handmade Sterling silver and gold and available through his new e-store on www.duncanstevens.com