Trend Diary „VALUES!“

The search for new ideals has characterised our generation. But which values and virtues are still relevant today – religious, moral, spiritual or personal?

The 2013 Trend Diary presents design projects that explore the theme of “values.”

Why a Trend Diary dealing with values? We feel that in the course of the change brought about by the digital revolution, our vision of a clearly defined, common values system is becoming increasingly faded. While design for “material values” is loud and ever-present, ethical values that create an image of belief, family, virtues and moral ideals are drowning in the media excess.

What´s in the trend diary? The Trend Diary having the format of a desk diary gathers inspiring work of 53 designers of different cultures. Design that conveys values via messages and functions, provides guidance or supports us in our quest for meaning. Design that shows us that values are the most valuable thing we possess.
Following the trend in the much appreciated and multiple-awarded issues from the EIGA Trend Diary series the publication is setting a special focus on experimental typography and groundbreaking graphic design. The designe rat EIGA developed a unique typeface which characters are composed from ever rearranging element – just like the society’s understanding of common values is. Furthermore each calendar week features individual figures corresponding to the designer’s contributions but still following a consistent design principle.

The cultural background. Design has been a signpost and messenger of standards and values in all cultures since time began. This can be seen in the codex hewn in stone by the Mesopotamians (18 BC), in the awe-inspiring illumination of bible manuscripts from Europe in the Middle Ages or in the function-driven design of the Bauhaus school. Within the media-related opportunities of an era, design brings the ideal and moral values of society to the surface.

Fact and figures. The trend diary was initiated by EIGA, the Hamburg-based design office, and published by NBVD. The production was supported by well-known partners in fine paper, printing and print finishing. 53 designers get a special platform as a weekly motive in the exclusive designcalendar. The Trend Diary 2013 (ISBN: 978-3-939028-33-8) is available directly at the publishing house www.nbvd-shop.de, stationers and online booksellers.