VANOUDS Amsterdam introduces first line of walnut tables
Unique combination of walnut and smooth epoxy resin

This week marks the launch of Tom van Noesel and Tico Oudhuis’ first collection of handmade walnut tables under the VANOUDS label. These extraordinary tables each have their own unique shape and are covered in a thick layer of epoxy resin, which not only protects the tables but also lends them their incredible look and feel.

The VANOUDS brand name stems from a combination of the founders’ surnames (‘Van Noesel’ and ‘Oudhuis’), but VANOUDS means more than a simple play on words. The name promises to bring back part of a different day and age, a time in which things were built to last.

The first line consists of a series of different tables, the size and shape of each piece being completely unique. Industrial but natural, rugged yet refined: timeless and exceptional eye-­?catchers. That is the foundation for all VANOUDS products and ideas.

The walnut wood that VANOUDS uses comes from trees that forestry management allows to be cut down. After harvesting, the lumber needs to dry for at least four years. Then the two VANOUDS creators let the natural shape of the tree inspire them. They use the trunk (bark and all) to craft the tabletop, and when they’re finally happy, they construct a mold and pour the epoxy over the table. Once the epoxy has hardened, the varnishing and polishing can begin.

Epoxy is a two-­?part resin which can be used for many different purposes. It is very strong and accentuates the depth and color of the wood. Oudhuis on epoxy coating: “This protects the table, but also really makes it shine and keeps it low-­?maintenance. It’s easy to clean and in the unlikely event that it gets damaged, the epoxy can just be polished to make the table as good as new.”

After coming up with the idea of adding epoxy to walnut, the VANOUDS duo spent a year carefully experimenting and polishing the production process. This brought their products, all beautiful and durable handmade pieces, to perfection.

The company also has plans to launch other products, says Oudhuis. “Our basic philosophy is that everything we create has to be unique, timeless and durable. We believe that that’s what makes us stand out from the crowd.”