The dutch designers of ANNY& are skilled in designing. Our craftsmen are véry good in making things. Together we create beautiful and original accessories for your home! Based on old crafts, but with a modern twist. All made by hand and with loads of pleasure, so they will last a lifetime (or even longer!) That is ANNY&

ANNY& designed a series of 4 vases together with craftsmen Douwe & Wiebren Kunst. The craft that they master is carved pottery. The vases designed by ANNY& show the essence of this craft: the patterns which are carved. We have chosen a mix of old and newly designed patterns. The shape of the vase is modern and geometric, in this way the patterns get all the attention they deserve!

Because we saw the skills of the brothers, we also designed two vases with open carved work. With this we really pushed the limits of the carved pottery and we challenged the brothers to try something new.

All 4 different vases are available in three colours: grey, blue-green and mint-green.


Large Rose by Wiebren

Large stripes by Douwe

Small triangles by Douwe

Small rose by Wiebren

Vases by Douwe & Wiebren