VegiMaker is designed to meet the increasing wish of being self-sufficient with vegetables. The product is based on the technology hydroponics where water is used instead of soil to grow vegetables.

The primary advantages of hydroponics are that the user only has to use little time to become acquainted with the process and during the growth of the plants the user only need to check the water level and pH level. Furthermore the user avoids soil everywhere and compared to growing vegetables in soil hydroponics is also much faster and within 6-7 weeks the first vegetables and herbs can be harvest. Furthermore the advantages of hydroponics from garden centres are implemented in one product so people in a simple way can grow their own vegetables even in small apartments.

Vegetables that can be grown are e.g. basil, oregano, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and chilli peppers.

The cap is produced in cork and the bottom in polycarbonate plastic. Cork is found in many products but is mainly known from wine bottles. The characteristics that makes cork unique is the lightweight, rot resistant, impermeability to liquids and flexible.

The cap will be produced using agglomerated cork, which is moulded into the original shape of the cap. Agglomerated cork can be moulded into any shape using binders and cork granules. Using agglomerated cork also means that it could be reused cork, which provides a more sustainable product. The design of the cap is made so the pots are placed into the holes and hidden in the cap so its only plants and clay pallets that can be seen from above.

There are many types of hydroponics but the one that is chosen is one of the more easy methods, which has less maintenance. The method is called medium culture where the roots of the plant are placed in e.g. clay pallets or Rock wool. Clay pallets are preferred because they tend to be more sustainable than other mediums because clay pallets are reusable.

Because the water doesn’t contain the same minerals as soil a nutrient solution is added to the water. The proportion between water and nutrient solution is defined by the plants that the user are interested in growing.

The plant with medium is then placed in a container with the water and nutrient solution and the container should be 100% opaque to prevent algae growth. Furthermore an air pump with an air stone is connected to the system to supply with movement in the water, which ensure that the roots gets the nutrient solution. To be sure that the pH level is correct it is important to take test know and then so the plants have the best circumstances. Once installed the user have little of maintenance to do like adding water and check pH level once in a while.