RCA vehicle design studio, Shihan Pi

The Royal College of Art’s Vehicle Design Class of 2013 has launched a new blog that will allow the public to follow their projects and studio work from ideas to exhibition for the first time in the course’s 40-year history.

Students wanted to give the chance for people to follow the process of final projects in real-time.

So much of the studio work and process is unseen. Traditionally students work for six months in seclusion before displaying their designs. This year vehicle design students will update the blog daily and give the chance for people to follow and interact with the run up to the graduate show.

Projects will be seen evolving in real time.

This year’s class was keen to investigate new ways of displaying work in order to open up to a wider audience. As a year we are striving to update the traditional design degree show format, and will be continuing this theme in our final exhibition in June.

We feel the automotive industry is evolving and we wanted to evolve with it by using all the media available to us, in order to create a richer narrative to our work.


· Create a richer narrative to peoples work

· New media, new potential

· New dimension to show

· Show process and thinking

· Engage viewers and increase access

· Updated daily- non static

· Behind the scenes

· Getting the full story


– The worlds only blog to follow the progress of a Vehicle design MA

– 18 student projects from research to outcome

– Currently over 53,000 visits (24/04/13) – already more than the entire average visitor number for RCA SHOW (c.40,000 each year)

– Will be passed on each year to graduating students