Blackman OLED Chandelier
OLED chandelier appendage
Blackman OLED Chandelier detail

Designer Stephen Blackman forges into the virtually untouched OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) light panel technology for his inspiration. In this contemporary luminaire, developed to showcase the new OLED lighting panel technology by LG Chem, Ltd., Stephen Blackman marries the thin OLED panels with laser cut aluminum to create an ultra-thin, sleek chandelier or wall sconce.

Blackman created a single-piece, flat panel fixture that is reminiscent of a flat PC board with electrical traces branched off to meet each of the electronic components. To do this he used a flat sheet of aluminum only 6mm thick which is laser cut to form a new type of chandelier construction, one where all the electronics and light sources lie flat on a thin surface. The thin profile of the fixture, and the brushed aluminum finish, give it a very modern appearance of a chandelier floating effortlessly in the air above the dining table. The nature of this design allows the profile to easily be changed to add more arms or other forms. This configurability makes the Blackman chandelier a versatile solution for any size installation.