Velcro lamp
To change something in you, in your thoughts, in the mood, in your surroundings … We so often want something nice and new, something fresh and interesting in our daily lives.
Velcro Lamp will bring a great number of ways to lighten up our lives by enriching the spaces in our living environments, developing creative thinking, improving people’s moods and adding pleasant emotions.
Velcro Lamp is a flexible, glowing cord that plugs into the mains. A distinctive feature of this lamp is from the existing analogue in its body which has a flexible, translucent light-transmissive skin with tiny hooks (Velcro), which contains the light source. The hooks allow the cord to cling and tightly connect to any part of itself, adhering throughout its entire length (the way Velcro works). Thus, this power cord with hooks allows you to create new lighting objects that match the style of the interior, the desired functionality, or mood.
You can even create a garland from the Velcro lamp, by hanging, or wrapping it around something, or make a classic table lamp or turn it into a fun ball-looking night light.
The velcro lamp has a switch on and off button, as well as a regulator of the spectrum of light (with lots of colors), the glow zone and the intensity of the light. The controls are at the end of the cord in a cylindrical body and at the other end of the cable there is a plug to connect the lamp to the mains.