iPad Mini stand/charger
iPhone 5 stand/charger
VERSI for the iPad and iPhone
Dual iPad/iPhone stand/charger
VERSI products tilts, swivels & rotates in virutally any direciton

VERSI products are Versatile, Elegant, Revolutionary, Stable & Iconic. Each VERSI holds either an iPad, iPhone (or both), iPad mini or iPhone. The product is unique in that the stands are chargers as well with built in Lightning connector or 30 pin connector. Just “slide in and charge” your device then forget about it till it is retrieved from the stand/charger. No fumbling with cables, no having to remember to plug in the cable. Stable granite base, CNC machined aircraft grade anodized aluminum.

VERSI tilts, swivels and rotates in virtually any direction.

Our product has only been picked up thru PRWeb. Don’t know if that qualifies for being published or not. Hope you like our product.