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Lacquer work, ceramics and textiles from Vietnam

In March 2012, Brekveld traveled to Vietnam for research into materials like wood, lacquer work, ceramics and textile. He was impressed by the variety of materials possible techniques and the craftsmanship. Brekveld used the inspiration of the Vietnamese culture and the knowledge of the techniques to design the Imperfect Design collection.

Lacquer work
Together with mister Niên and his colleagues, Brekveld designed the delicate Saigon Lacquer lacquer work collection. Each product consists of several layers of wood, after which 16 layers of lacquer were applied in the traditional fashion, resulting in beautifully finished products with visible seams. The quality of the finishing, combined with the shapes, have resulted in unique products that could not have been realized using different production processes. The collection consists of serving trays, two low tables and candle holders, combined with a ceramic dish.

The Bat Trang Vases ceramics collection is the result of a collaboration between Brekveld and mister Nguyen. Brekveld became enthusiastic about the local ceramic products, made of colored clay. A technique that many ceramics companies don’t use in their production. Combining the colored clay with enamel resulted in a beautiful range of vases. Brekveld also designed matching plates, creating a new extraordinary combination.

iPad bags and cushions
Together with Mrs. Coor Thi Nhom and her colleagues, Brekveld designed the woven fabrics for the iPad bags and cushions of the Catu Fabrics collection. The fabrics are woven by women of the Catu group in a remote area in central Vietnam. In a traditional fashion, these women use simple looms to weave symbols made of beads into the fabric. Brekveld is impressed by the craftsmanship of the Catu women, their enthusiasm and the precision with which they weave the beads into the fabric. Instead of symbols, Brekveld designed fabrics with a simple lattice pattern of beads. The fabrics are made into iPad bags and cushions I a workshop in Hanoi by disabled craftsmen.

Plaids and cushions
Together with Mrs. Phuong and her colleagues, Brekveld designed the plaids and cushions of the Hanoi Fabrics collection. The craftswomen in the countryside of Vietnam combine their embroidery with a life as farmers. Traditionally, they make characteristic Vietnamese bedlinen. In his design, Brekveld made a collection of delicate silk and fine wool, which resulted in an extraordinary combination of materials and colors; a warm, soft wool on one side and a fresh, cool silk on the other. Hand-embroidered stitching patterns and buttons, made of left-over horns, complete the beautiful collection.