VIIC assembly
VIIC usage
VIIC assembled
VIIC side view
VIIC front view
VIIC elements

VIIC is an assemblable puzzle chair for two. It consists of 7 interlocked plywood pieces that are equal both sides. All of them stay together without the need of any fixtures.

VIIC is part of a collection called “coordinate”. Coordinate; because, in order to be assembled all parts must be moved coordinated in a special order. Once assembled, the whole structure is very stable and can not be destroyed by moving just one or part of its elements. The chair back of this “charleston” like furniture is elastic, providing space for movement and also interaction between the two seaters. It is made of beech plywood. This material is typical for the region and produced locally. The production process is very simple involving just a regular 2D CNC router. The finish is plant oil; for, it is harmless and natural. Dissasembled, VIIC occupies little space and can be easily moved from one place to another. Its name is a formal representation of the structure – “VII” is actually the roman digit 7 – the total number of elements and “C” comes from “chair”.

Material: beech plywood
Finish: plant oil
Dimenssions: H/W/D – 430/430/860mm
back height: 860mm
back depth: 370mm