Wildetecture and the wildetects consist of 3 African fauvistic designers. Warren and Dean Hoffman and Quinton Damstra. Each new potential client and design is approached from 3 different perspectives, with the strongest wildetect design becoming the eventual focus. They were recently approached by a Scottish engineering firm looking for furniture pieces suited to their new offices. The company’s background is of Viking descent, and they wanted the furniture to be themed accordingly. The company also specializes in marine engineering, and wanted that element to be prominent in the design of the furniture. Working together, we explored a number of Viking themed concepts, from Viking boat design, to wave algorithms. The concepts were unconventional and honestly, quite uncanny, but after much concept evolution, we sculpted and crafted the final design.

From glass tops to raw steel end stand finishes, this Viking-inspired design has spared no detail. The design has been carefully processed through several Wildetect phases: sketch, blue prints, models, drafts, artist impressions and prototypes. The VNLT end product is as visually powerful as it is delicate. To achieve this fine balance of intricate and delicate strong lines was a timeous subtle process. To fully appreciate the nuances of past, present and future, the Wildetect creative needs to explore many avenues of thought and influence.

The principle wildetect designer on this project was Dean Hoffman. His ability to embrace and pack down skeletal form from machine through to organic elements is unique. The Viking norse table’s progression as interpreted by Wildetect 2 of 3 has embraced the concept of past identity, whilst continually trying to understand current influence. The sturdy, solid, robust ships spine center is offset by the delicate, playful steel double bow elements. The undeniable whale skeletal influence is also a design thread that cannot be ignored.

This Wildetecture example exemplifies exploring design concepts through ancestral influence. It’s a vehicle to a sense of rightfully belonging. The outcome is a beautiful piece that will grace the board room of a Scottish shipping company that appreciates the concept of a warm welcome from a far off distant shore.


Viking Coffee Table

Viking Office Desk

Viking Boardroom Table

Viking Boardroom Table