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Vinaera Electronic Wine &Spirit Aerator

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We won Best of the Best for this year’s Red Dot design award. This award is given to less than 50 of 4800 different product entries!

This is the world first electronic wine & spirit aerator. You only need to insert electronic aerator into the bottle, press the top button, and it will dispense fully aerated red wine. One set of 6 AAA batteries will aerate and dispense over 250 bottles of wine. You can immediately enjoy the complex aromas, full flavor, and rich texture with a smooth, less acid finish.

It can aerate 30-40 minutes earlier than a glass decanter. It is suitable for the most of wines which need to aerate. For spirit, the oxidation through large surface exposure to bubbles releases fusel alcohols and make the spirit less “spicy” and bitter.

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