I recycle and repurpose old audio/film and game gear because my wife was fed up with the fact that I was just collecting all this stuff and it was starting to pile up. So to give me an excuse to keep collecting I opened a shop to start moving some of it. With all of my pieces, I try and use everything it was found with, and also provide as much of the history on the item as I can. My audio reels ship with the original box and handwritten notes from the owners as to what was recorded on them. Nostalgia with a back story. My shop just opened and for my first series I created a line of clocks.

For this clock, I recycled a 16mm film reel along with the original can and box. The box was cut to fit into the back of the can to provide some classic 60s era color. Both halves of the can rest back to back hiding the hanger allowing the clock to sit flush against the wall, creating some gorgeous lines in the process.

Information for this Compco film reel is scarce but it looks like the company began manufacturing film products in Chicago circa 1947. The clock is aprox. 7″ in diameter providing a sleek alternative to the much larger 35mm film reels . A unique piece of decor for the cinema buff and a wonderful reminder of times long past.