Kevin Coffey and his team customize these functional art pieces for a personalized match. According to Consumer Reports, after kitchens the bathroom is what most people wish to remodel. Not only could remodeling a bathroom add value to a home, a custom claw foot tub has the potential to create an enticing spa ambiance. After years of working for a painting contractor on new custom homes, Kevin Coffey established his own company in 1987 to expand on his talents. As an established and well known faux and custom painter Kevin Coffey has built an extensive portfolio of finishes and applications.

Applying his expertise to refurbishing vintage claw foot tubs is where he has found his true passion. Kevin Coffey’s Claw Foot Tubs offer interior designers and home owners a truly individualized solution when planning bathrooms. From hot pink to a classical faux granite finish the options are endless for what Kevin Coffey is capable of accomplishing for a client. Working with Kevin Coffey, interior designers and custom home builders can create the ideal claw foot tub to enhance the personalization, unity and harmony of their bathroom design concepts.

Quality materials and craftsmanship ensure the lasting beauty of the investment of these claw foot tubs. A lifetime warranty guarantees the integrity of his work. There is a selection of in stock, ready to ship claw foot tubs and custom tubs are typically ready to ship within four to six weeks.