corner from the series my affair with diana
contemplation from the series homeland
right, from the series sand people
mustard, from the series remembered landscapes

my name is daniel grant and i am a landscape architect by profession
and a fine art photographer by passion residing in san francisco, california.

my photography is represented by sfmoma artists gallery where my work has done really well,
they actually confirmed my series ‘my affair with diana’ for an exhibition next january!

my photography is unique in that i work with vintage toy cameras produced in the 1960’s. (link below)


these medium format film cameras are incredibly primitive having less than perfect plastic lenses
and are prone to many problems including light leaks. that said, their soft focus helps to create some
amazing images and through trial and error i have been fortunate to have somewhat mastered their issues.

recently, i was randomly contacted by the interior desinger, nate berkus, regarding my photography and ultimately he commissioned three prints…

this made me curious about how to best approach other design professionals
regarding my photography for more exposure…thus my submission to you.

please review a few of my images attached and/or visit my website and let me know what you think!



daniel grant