Visule watch and packaging
Both of different watch series
The three hand watch series
Close up of the second hand watch in the three watch series
Katherine wears the Visule watch like a broach
The three watch series on a blazer lapel
On the left, Katherine wears two watches at the base of her jacket, Hannah wears one watch on the coat pocket for easy viewing
On the left, Katherine wears one watch on her collar where as Hannah has taken a more conventional approach on her sleeve.
Showing the different ways of wearing both watch series
Katherine demonstrates the different ways to wear the three watch series

Visule is an innovative watch collection by Lauren Oakes. Visule includes watches that push the boundaries of convention and fashion allowing you to make the statement you desire. One series includes three watches with one hand on each, where you can choose what sort of day you will be having vs. what sort of time you need. For example a casual day with no restraints will only need the hour hand where as a workday may need all three hands so you can tell the exact time. The second series is for the more mainstream consumer with all three hands on the one watch, both of these are attached to your clothing with a magnet. This would make the watch more convenient to see/access while also making a fashion statement. The watch is 3D printed on a Solidscape T76+ printer at Peter Shakes Jewelers, then casted in sterling silver or bronze. The face of the watch is fabric, which makes it easy for a designer to update with each collection. The amazing clothing included is by Andrea Moore.