Vitesse players home youth - photo credits Sjoerd van der Hucht
Vitesse changing room 'young hopefuls' - photo credits Sjoerd van der Hucht
Vitesse changing room 'pros' - photo credits Sjoerd van der Hucht
Vitesse view from hallway to fitness studio - photo credits Sjoerd van der Hucht
Vitesse press room - photo credits Sjoerd van der Hucht
Vitesse fitness studio - photo credits Sjoerd van der Hucht
Vitesse exterior
Vitesse hallway near offices - vibrant use of yellow - photo credits Sjoerd van der Hucht
Vitesse hall of fame - photo credits Sjoerd van der Hucht
Vitesse entrance area - photo credits Sjoerd van der Hucht

Dutch design agency Desarc inspired by international top-class clubs for the design of the new Vitesse Training Centre

On April 8 was the official opening of the brand new Vitesse Training Centre, based on an interior design by the Arnhem design agency Desarc. The new centre is an important next step in the further professionalising of the football club.

Vitesse has involved Desarc at an early stage to express their identity in the appearance and layout of the new training centre. Desarc was asked to create an interior concept that reflects the core values of the organisation and to find the right tone that fits the strategic principles and the identity of Vitesse.

Papendal Training Centre?
Obviously Vitesse took a good look at what other top Dutch clubs were doing in this area. The club leadership along with interior designers from Desarc also paid a visit to a shining example abroad: the English topper Chelsea Football Club. The developments at Vitesse are comparable to those at Chelsea. There, in 2004, building work started on the construction of the premium Cobham Training Centre, which was officially opened in July 2007, but was already in use from 2005. Vitesse has been inspired by Cobham. Even though the Papendal complex is of a more modest format, it has many similar facilities, such as a weight training room, a state-of-the-art therapy bath, a steam room, sports medical rooms, a press reception area and separate restaurants for visitors and players.

Vitesse has a clear ambition
Vitesse wants a training centre that reflects the club’s ambition to compete in the top-flight of international football. Everything is aimed at instilling this same ambition into the players from an early age. The true Vitesse passions – for football, for experience, for heroes, for business and for Arnhem – have been woven into the fabric of this interior concept by Desarc.

Inspiring and motivating
Design agency Desarc, has collaborated with architectural firm Geesink Weusten, to design the Vitesse training centre so that it is one large beating Vitesse heart; one that inspires all players continuously and motivates them to grow.

Something to aim at
The changing rooms become more luxurious as the playing level increases. In the areas for the youngest of the youth teams everything is functionally designed, with a lot of yellow, white and light wood. For the team of ‘young hopefuls’ there is a little more luxury, with every player having his own locker, along with upholstered benches with storage space under the seats and timber-clad walls. Something for the starters to aim at.

Space for the professionals
The areas for visitors and the facilities for the pros are sleek and of the highest quality, with dark wood and black furniture with subtle yellow accents. In this professional-looking environment the top players can give their full attention to their profession: training, playing and winning for Vitesse.

Investing in players
The premise of Vitesse and Desarc was that quality does not necessarily have to come with high costs. Ultimately the right appearance was achieved using relatively modest resources.

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