Viva Furniture Set
Front view
Hand knitted stool detail

Knitted seat segments add greater comfort
Design sketches
Disassembled stools and table

Title of Project: Viva
Design by: Shift

Press Release
Location: Monterrey, México
Company: Shift
Viva – Furniture Design

Viva is the beginning of a line of furniture pieces and objects that seek to present our vision of Mexican and Latin American design on a global scale. Mexican culture and most Latin American countries are rich with masterful artisans and craftsmen of great skill and talent, capable of creating objects of outstanding beauty and rich cultural value. With this in mind, Viva merges artistry and craftsmanship with modern technology to create furniture pieces with a high human factor, which we believe translates into a more human and emotional object, a soul.

Viva furniture pieces are made from computer-machined parts for precise cutting and easy assembly that ultimately enable Viva a DIY design. The Viva stool seat is composed of four wooden triangular pieces carefully hand knitted by artisans. Made using natural materials such as wood, and leather, Viva can be customized and ordered from a selection of natural wood veneers that keep its honest design while providing a highly unique and personalized look.

As its name implies, Viva is not only a tribute to our culture but a celebration of Latin American design and skill.